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What am I doing wrong? - RSS Downloader


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I have been trying to set this up for a few hours, and looking through the Guides, FAQs, Forums & Google for a few hours more and I really do not know what I am doing wrong.

Here is a series of example screen shots from each tab in the RSS Downloader... Where is my error?





Everything else in utorrent seems to work properly. Could it be other utorrent settings that are not allowing the RSS Downloader to function properly?

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Ok, I think that it is almost working now..... However, I followed you instructions, then I set the "Save In:" path.


The RSS Downloader checks the feed and correctly follows the filter, however, when it goes to save the file it does not follow the "Save In:" path that I have set for it


I thought that maybe it could be my Download options in the "Options/Preferences" settings, but I don't have anything selected. Normally I simply choose where each file should be downloaded to


Thank you for your help.

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Ok, I think that I figured out the problem. utorrent 1.7.7 does not seem to recognize a "space" in the "Save In:" path. I have changed the folder names on my computer to include an underscore instead of a space in the folder name, and then changed the "Save In:" path to the new folder names. That seemed to work.



I am going to check utorrent 1.8 to see if I can get around changing all of my folder names.

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Ya, I selected the folder. I did not type it in the box, although I think that may have been one of the problems in my earlier trials.

I have tried utorrent 1.8 and it seems to work fine. I went back and removed the underscores in my folder names, and replaced them with the "spaces" again and it worked well.

Time to check it out with more filter criteria.

Thanks for the help

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