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help me setup utorrent


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hi utorrent is cool but could be cooler because for some reason bitcomet is always faster, anyways forgetting about that...

i want to know what settings to have in torrent options and such. i have a 2mbps downstream and 256k upstream so what would be best for stuff like max conns etc etc? thanks

also another thing id like to know does utorrent have the feature azureus does which prevents you from running more than a certain number of torrents at once (eg. 3)

because once i used to use azureus and i had 5 torrents running and there was 2 queued and i asked why and they said its something to do with a anti leech filter and depends on my upload speed

and my up speed is crap and i mostly only download my torrents from one site so it shouldnt matter how many torrents im running at once because all of my upload is still going towards that tracker, anyway if it does have that feature is there a way to turn it off so to speak otherwise i may just need to take utorrent down the same direction as azureus (the trash lol)

i anxiously await your replys


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I would leave just about all the network settings lone, just set the UPLOAD limit to 20 (kB) and leave the download at 0.

Pick a port in the 30000-55000 range and make sure that port is forwarded to your IP if you have a router.

Seems to work great for me. I have 1.5m/384k adsl.

Here is something I posted in another thread:

I can do 384k up on my ADSL, so I have it set to 30kB in Utorrent.

I have my download set to 0, for max, which should be around 1.5m (196kB max)

I leave all the other settings in Utorrent to default, like:



Global Maximum Number of Connections = 200

Maximum Number of Connected Peers Per Torrent = 50

Number of Upload Slots Per Torrent = 4

Use Additional Upload SLots If Upload Speed < 90% = CHECKED



Maximum Number of Active Torrents (upload or download) = 8

Maximum Number of Active Downloads = 5



Enable Scraping = CHECKED

Pre-allocate Disk Space = UNCHECKED


Enable DHT For New Torrents = CHECKED

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