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total dl-speed stuck at ~50kb/s


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When having several torrents downloading at once, the total download speed doesn't go over about 50kb/s when it should be at least 150kb/s.. Why is that?

My port is forwarded properly (checked with PeerGuardian2, ZoneAlarm and the SpeedGuide-port-forward-test inside uTorrent) and I've got the green check-mark in the status bar ("Network OK").

Weird thing is, when I run the port-forward test when nothing is downloading, it says it's properly forwarded, but when I run the test while something is downloading, it says "Error!". Maybe that's normal; I don't know...

I've also tried downloading the Open Office thingie some of you seem to mention too and that seems to download as it should (it even reaches 200kb/s), but only when I set everything else on pause. -If I resume a couple of more torrents together with the Open Office download, its dl speed drastically reduces.. Which doesn't make sense, since it shouldn't reduce as long as the downloads don't reach the bandwidth limit (which is about 200kb/s) - Instead, the Open Office download - which downloaded super-fast untill now - slows down drastically and the other resumed torrents download relatively slow (which is normal cuz of the lack of seeders) which leads to the total dl-speed actually going down to about 80kb/s... (?)

Thanks. :-)

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So it's cuz of connection overload?

I didn't even know something like that existed. xP

Anyway, it seems I had mixed up the download and upload speeds, which made me miss the correct option in the Speed Test GUI. *blush*

I still can't have multiple torrents active at any one time without their download speeds reducing a great deal though...

Isn't that possible? To always use your maximum bandwidth? ..cuz mine doesn't even get near if I try to start one or two additional torrents (seeing as the only active one isn't using even a quarter of it)...



And, another interesting thing -

My total upload speed is always on max (about 20kbps) while the total download speed usually don't even exceed ~20kbs (and the max should be about 200kbps)..

This is, once again, when I try to add one or more torrents to download simultaneously (I mean, why shouldn't I, when the one torrent that was active from the start doesn't dl faster than ~30kbps anyway (due to few seeders). - Why not use my bandwidth?).

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Download suffers if your upload gets too high. If you havn't tried disabling the stuff mentioned in the How-To post #2 to reduce the overhead... your line might be overloading due to too much upload. Did you manually set the upload limit in the Speed Guide or did you use the drop-down for your speedtest? Generally speaking the speed guide is conservative for this very reason, and as such when it's used very rarely causes problems on its own. Users who like to set it up and then customize it probably set it with the speed guide for default, then change their upload speed under Preferences and watch their Speed tab. Scaling to 5 or 30 second intervals helps see a larger picture... such as their download speed from openoffice while uploading @ 75 % of their maximum speed. They may notice the speed decrease as they upload more... and as such can find that balance :D

It may also be that the swarms you'e connected to don't have peers capable of pumping out data to you that fast.

Here's a thought. If you only download/upload one torrent at a time does it break the 50 "barrier" you've seen? And you notice IMMEDIATELY after you start another torrent it goes down to 50.. you may want to try limiting your connections more. Those are also found under Preferences... and usually work fine, but if your ISP uses connection-based shaping profiles, you may be able to sneak under it by reducing the connection limits. This is also covered in the How-To, so feel free to read through it if you have other questions before posting "how do i...?" ;)

Of course the other possibility is that your shaping profiles are stuck to certain times of the day/week that you need to experiment with to find out... most ISPs I guess don't feel happy divulging their management of your connection.

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If you haven't tried disabling the stuff mentioned in the How-To post #2 to reduce the overhead

If you're referring to 2good2bies post and those two links, I've read pretty much everything and tried about all of it too (only not some stuff I don't know how to do, like "disabling IP resolving in the Peers tab's context menu".. done pretty much everything else...).

Yes, I used the Speed Guide to make the settings. I run a couple of speed tests - all with similar results - about 1700kbps download and 205kbps upload, so I chose the "xx/192k" option (which is actually a little slower than my upload speed)...

When downloading only OpenOffice, I get a speed o about 200kbps, but, immediately when I add another torrent it slows down to about 130kbps, while the other, added one, doesn't download at more than about 15kbps...

When I pause the OpenOffice download though and leave only the other, added torrent, to download, it gets the speed of about 70kbps - which is alright since it doesn't have many seeds.

So, when both are active, they both slow down considerably making the total download speed a lot less than 200kbps...

The total download speed lowers itself even more if I add yet another torrent.

Why can't the download speed always be on the max?

Anyway, what exactly did this mean: *curious*

Of course the other possibility is that your shaping profiles are stuck to certain times of the day/week that you need to experiment with to find out... most ISPs I guess don't feel happy divulging their management of your connection.
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That was referring to the possibility that your ISP is throtteling/shaping the traffic by reducing the bandwidth that they grant to bittorrent protocol.

but that doesn't seem to be the issue with your connection. lucky you. :)

To clarify why your download doesn't add up to 200KB when running a number of downloads: to maintain and establish all those connections to peers and seeds does eat resources which reduce your download resources, too. This also eats up upload resources which is why you should keep the chosen upload speed in the speed guide conservatively lower than your measured upload speed.

And lowering max connections and connections per torrent even below the speed guide recommendations often improves speed issues, too. Because maintaining and establishing them is costly bandwidth-wise.

Web downloads behave differently because you only download from one particular host instead of talking to hundreds of peers like in utorrent. The more peers are involved the more strain is put on your connection.

To "disable resolve IPs" right click into the peers' tab and disable that option in the context menu.

Why disable: Resolving IPs to their host names puts an additional load on your router and on your connection.

As does DHT while we're at it. So disabling DHT in the preferences also helps reducing the load.

And disabling the "local peer discovery" in preferences helps, too.

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I need to find a way to offset links better, my apologies. I have a habit of typing things which are at-hand (links above/below/in my signature) without identifying them However both Switeck and 2good2b seemed to point out my inaccuracies, so I only have this to say: The Speed Guide is awesome for getting people running lickety-split. But the Preferences are there so that users who know what they're doing can tweak the settings. :D I hope on your connection you can find settings which work best for you. Switeck, I, and others stuck on horridly asymmetric lines like the rapid download speeds we get, and we like even more when we are able to help others and have finally reached that 1:1 ratio after 10x as long only uploading :)

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