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connection closed by peer


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I can't connect to any trackers, whatsoever. They all say connection closed by peer. I disabled my firewall, and haven't changed any router settings since last week when it was working fine. I have UPnP enabled, and the uTorrent test page says my port is forwarded properly. I've rebooted my pc and my router. Ideas?

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Firewall is Zonealarm, latest version.

I have peerguardian2 installed but disabled it for testing, still didn't help.

I'm running Windows XP-SP2 Full Retail (Legit) with latest updates.

I have tcpip.sys patched to allow 250 connections.


Linksys WRT54GL running DD-WRT v2.3 SP2 (4096 maximum ports, 300 second timeout)

Motherboard: Asus A7n8X-E deluxe

AMD Athlon 2700+XP (Thoroughbred core)

1.5 GB DDR2 (512 Mushkin, 1024 Corsair XMS)

250GB SATA2 Western Digital Caviar HDD

500GB Maxtor IDE HDD

Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 (Integrated) Ethernet Adapter

I do have a secondary integrated ethernet adapter (NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller) but I'll have to wait til I get home to try it.

Update: Tried reinstalling uTorrent. No dice. :(

Update2: Tried secondary NIC, no dice.

Trying to download OpenOffice and Slackware. Can't even connect to trackers it seems. My friends in my area with the same ISP aren't having problems.

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You did reboot after uninstalling ZA right? The most telling part of this was that OOo and Slackware did not work :/ If you really feel reinstalling windows is prudent be sure to Backup your settings your downloaded data, and your torrents if you changed the Ctrl-P -> Other -> Torrent Storage folder.

To keep everything the same you always have the option of "repair" when you install again.

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Yes, I rebooted after each individual step. I find it highly annoying but it's not utorrent-specific. Reinstalling Windows is prudent to me in that it's not working how it should. At least I have XP and not Vista. I'm waiting on my new harddrive to come in and then I'll reinstall. The thing that annoys me is that my other friends on the same ISP have no problems.


I have confirmed that my ISP is blocking bittorrent. While they aren't blocking friends of mine across town, I live in an apartment complex.

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