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Sorry about my english.

There are many things why speed goes down (internet problems, (network) hard disk diconnected/busy, CPU usage ("force recheck") etc). It would be useful to make possible to set any signal about upload speed.

I think it needs just 2 parametrs:

1) minimum of "normal" speed (for example 100kb/s)

2) time interval of low speed for the signal (for example 15 secs)

It can help find problems in time.

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Up to you...

But this is only one thing I need to fully enjoy uTorrent.

Now I have to recheck monitor every time I sit at computer and every hour while I'm sitting at it.

Look at stable graph (red):


And another one when I had 40% packets lost (speed fell to 10%):


I just noticed that it would be useful for me if you will make this option. I dont sure about others if they need it (or not). But this is most future I want in uTorrent.

And trigger can be attached every 1 min and calculate if there was low uTorrent activity. Not so much cpu time, and not so often.

But if you still think that it's useless then forget about it. I thought it's not so bad idea.

Thank you

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I'd think you want to SOLVE the packet loss instead of ask developers to add user-specific features to their program... or frell even make your own monitor reading the window title for uT... and triggering a specific sound when the parsed value is under your threshold... That sounds like a pretty basic app... and with visual IDE like Visual C or Basic, you've got the capability for easy button and text-field control.

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