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Problem with torrent


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I'm trying to figure out what is the problem with a torrent I'm trying to download.

I've got the port forwarded, everything checks out in speed tests and I have DHT and peer exchange enabled.

Also, I have encryption for outgoing set to forced and unchecked box for allow incoming legacy connections.

The problem is I'm connected to 6(34) seeders and 72(1159) peers. Yet I'm downloading at a paltry 50-60K/sec.

I took a look at the user list and at least 80% of the users have little u's and little d's. Also something that doesn't make sense is that of the 10 people I'm actually downloading from, only 1 of them is a seeder, and I'm barely getting 5KB out of him.


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Is that alot? This is the only torrent I have in Utorrent right now.

I'm using the xx/512k default connection settings in the speed guide.

I downloaded this torrent from OpenOffice.


The down speed was fluctuating between 1.0 and 1.2 MB/s.

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Hmmmmm so you got ~ 10 Mbit down line eh? Sounds like the peers you're connected to simply can't pump out the data to you then. It may also have something to do with your upload concurrently. As you upload to people faster they return the favour. It's a common idea to keep EACH upload slot (to each peer on all active torrents) > 3 KiBps. If it splits below 1 KiBps that causes trouble with the actual TCP protocol (i.e. with BitComet's default seeding states)... and your peers will rarely give you data because you are seen as a dead peer whose benefit to the swarm is little since you're putting out little data.

Also keep in mind like I said that you're rarely uploading on OOo, so if you try it downloading again for a minute while UPloading on another torrent does the speed decrease? It may fluctuate even more and decrease as you increase the upload so you need to check your settings until you can pump out data without impinging 1) your general internet usability and 2) your uT download speed :D

It's a common technique to increase your upload in 10% increments until you see yourself dropping off (either with consistent upload fluctuating, or with downloading suffering) and then backing down a KiB or two. If you only run one torrent concurrently then 100 peers total per torrent isn't that bad.

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