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Internet choked out


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I tried to find info on my own by reading all the troubleshooting/setup guides, but I'm still having trouble. Whenever I start up uTorrent, my Firefox browser will stop being able to access the internet. I'd like to be able to do both at the same time. I've set the upload speeds etc. correctly. Also, while uTorrent is working (actively uploading/downloading) I have a yellow 'warning' triangle icon that says 'no incoming connections'.

I'm running NOD32 3.0.566.0 on Win Vista

I'm sure one if not more things are wrong here.. can't figure it out. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks

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Correct, more than 1 thing is wrong.

NOD32 3.0.566.0 and Win Vista are both problem children when it comes to working with uTorrent. Supposedly it can be done though.

Your settings in uTorrent are also probably too fast for your connection, since you failed to mention what your connection is or what you set uTorrent to.

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