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restart computer speed problem


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hi all , my utorrent was working fine ,real good cruising along then after id finished with it for a couple of days i decided to turn my computer off and give it a rest for a while , now every time i try turning it back on utorrent is real slow and when i press( test to to see if port is forwarded correctly) it gives me an error ? why can this be when settings have been changed , any help to put me in the right direction would be great , i must add that i leave all my torrents seeding for quite some time aswell , thx

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ok as said my port wasnt forwarded correctly and caused me lots of painful days i think i have resolved it by playing around around with , here is the settings on my router

Service Protocol External port Internal port Server IP address


obviously you need not know my inyernal/external and server ip but what i would like to know is are my first 2 settings correct ? ie ....service= smtp

and protocol=tcp i only guessed with these setiings theres loads to choose from , is there any that i should be using in particular , thx ;-)

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@ jewlish

Use something with 5 digits as the inbound port. Bind it to the same external port. And use that port in the Speed Guide (Ctrl-G) in uT.

got that mat mate ive done that , fantastic thanks for helping me out but my only questions are of which i said above ,which ones should ichoose for service and protocol

here are my choices















I dont have a clue what any of them so any help would be great cheers

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I don't know why that's relevant. You'd need to look up the manual for the router. It sounds like it's trying to classify traffic for the rules. Is this so it can implement QoS on your bandwidth? All of those acronyms are for traffic types... To start out I'd use HTTP just for fun. The protocol is what is important because TCP is for peer traffic and UDP is for dht and other features.

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To start off make the rule for TCP traffic. After you get that rule working, see if you can get UDP on the same rule.. or just add it as a different rule on the same port to the same computer. If you don't plan on using DHT though you don't need to make the second rule. Like I said, the router will tell you what those service types mean.. what they're used for.

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