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15-20 kbps Download


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Hi there. My download speed doesn't usually go beyond 15-20 kbps. The details of what you should probably know are below.

1. I have tried:

Port Forwarding (Huawei MT880,

Reconfig NOD32 v2.7 Exceptions

All I see is utorrent/1770, and I set ot to High efficiency

Checked by ISP on the ISP Bad_List

My ISP (Bayan Tel) is NOT listed

2. My Network Status Icon is GREEN

3. Speed Guide lists the port 54017

4. I have my speed set to 768K

5. net.max_halfopen is set to a value of 8

6. Operating system is WinXP SP2

7. I have Windows Firewall and NOD32. Nothing else I know of

8. My router's manufacturer is HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. model SMARTAX MT880

9. My ISP is BAYAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS (www.skydsl.com.ph)

10. The results show

Download = 820 kbps

Upload = 709 kbps

ALL your reqs (no downloads, no browser activity, etc) have been followed to the letter

Please...please... help



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in the speed guide, CTRL+G , set your connection to xx/640 to avoid overloading your connection. (your UPLOAD speed tested as 709kb yet you have set utorrent to 768 which is too strenuous for your connection!)

You could also try and UNINSTALL (not merely disable!) NOD32 and see whether that makes a huge difference.

If you are behind a router you don't really need a firewall on top of it.

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2good2b wrote: "set your connection to xx/640"


I've set it to 640kbps now and it made no difference at all.


2good2b wrote: "UNINSTALL (not merely disable!) NOD32"


I'm sorry but this isn't something I'm too interested in trying [except as a last measure]


jewelisheaven wrote: "that's in Speed Guide Ctrl-G yes xx/768?"


Yes, it is. But for now it's at 640kbps. I tried xx/512 but went back to 640 as the former isn't working for me.


jewelisheaven wrote: "NOD 2.7 or 3.0?"


I'm using 2.7. Does having only ONE entry in the exception list (in NOD32 settings) something wrong? I ask because the READ THIS BEFORE POSTING showed TWO entries.


jewelisheaven wrote: "theoretical peak for your connection?"


Yes, it is the speed that my Network Connections panel tell me. But my ISP told me that it's actually 768kbps.

Thank you so much guys for this. Please do help me how to fix this. Thanks again!

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