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Not connecting to peers


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I've been using Azureus for some time but have decided to try uTorrent. From what I've seen so far of uTorrent, I'd like to switch if I can get a problem squared away. I would love to get rid of the Java bloat and wasn't happy with BitComet.

I have a torrent I'm trying to DL with 3 seeds and 18 peers, the problem is that while Azureus will connect to 1 - 2 seeds and 3 - 4 peers, providing an average DL speed of about 30 kB/s, uTorrent is connecting to 1 seed, and then maybe ten minutes later will finally connect to a single peer. Most of the time I'm getting 0 kB/s DL but once in a while it will DL up to about 2 kB/s for a short time before dropping back to 0.

My upload speeds for the torrents I'm seeding are working just fine. I've tried pausing all of the seeds and the torrent I'm trying to DL is still dead or slow. Actually, it dropped the one peer so now I'm only connected to a single seed. The UL limit I'm using is well below my max and works fine with Azureus, so I'm sure that's not the problem. My router works with UDnP so I know that's fine unless it's the port, (I'm using the default uTorrent port). I've seen some other posts were people where asked to look for "Network OK", but where is that located? (Edit: I've since found out where it's supposed to tell me "Network OK" or "NAT Problem", but it doesn't say either on the status bar. Does that indicate something? I'm running uT 1.3.)

The problem appears to be that uTorrent isn't connecting to enough peers for whatever reason and if it were, I would probably get a comperable DL rate to Azureus.

Global Max Conn: 200

Max Num Conn Peers per Torrent: 50

Num of UL Slots per Torrent: 5

Enable scraping: On


Seeding tasks for have higher priority: Off

If anybody has any ideas, your help would be appreciated.



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Thanks for the suggestions.

Forwarding the port instead of using UDnP appears to be providing normal DL speeds and peer connections with uTorrent.

In case it helps anybody else with this problem in the future, the router is a Netgear RP614v2, which I'll be replacing soon because it seems to have the same problem as a few other Netgear routers where it stops and needs to be reset from time to time when using BitTorrent.

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