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upload settings for high speed campus connection


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hi there,

i'm trying to configure µtorrent to get the best speeds for my situation (obviously!)

basically, my computer is connected to the university network with a high speed fiber connection. speed testing results are about 50Mb down/ 40Mb up, and they're pretty consistent over the day.

since i have no access to the network past the bounds of this computer, i cannot set up port forwarding of any kind (to the best of my knowledge) and hence cannot accept incoming connections.

i can download torrents, however my upload speed is always higher. at the moment it's capped at 70kb/s, net.max_halfopen is set to 8, running XP SP2. have tried the tcpip.sys patch but that screwed the system (novell network software problems from looking at EventViewer) and had to do System Restore.

windows firewall is configured to allow µtorrent. DHT is also working, it seems.

is this a common scenario? should i be changing any advanced settings, or connections settings in this case? currently, global max connections is set to 200, max connected peers per torrent at 50, UL slots per torrent at 3.

any advice, ideas or any other recommendations appreciated.


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You are best to not let uT loose full throttle 24/7. That upload can probably be increased to allow maybe 5Mbit for 4 hours a day using the Scheduler without too much trouble with your LAN managers. But you definitely want to either turn it off for a majority of the day or limit it to peon speeds (those of us without fat pipes :P ) aside from your main downloading to allow the others on your segment to be unaffected.

Also be advised if your school has IT policies in place for usage you don't go over them. :D Other than that yeah the settings are there and will work as you are. The only difference you already know since you may not be able to connect to everyone especially on a small swarm.

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Try upload slots per torrent set so that EACH upload slot gets about 3-5 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed on average.

So at 70 KiloBYTES/sec max upload speed, that's 14-23 total upload slots to split between however many torrents you run at once. If you run 3 torrents at once, that's 5-8 upload slots per torrent.

Disable resolve IPs in the Peers window.

DHT will only help if you're on non-private torrents that need additional outside peer/seed connections.

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thanks for the suggestions guys.

i've turned off Resolve IP, what does this do? or what advantage does it provide?

quite a few of the torrents i'm gettin are from public trackers so i'm assuming DHT is going to help me here..

will changing the global number of connections make any difference?

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Resolve IPs is a feature to see the DNS for your connected peers. It isn't necessary for traffic and reduces the connections and load you make ... which coupled with disabling DHT can sometimes trick ISPs which throttle or shape bittorrent traffic to not do so.

Reducing the per-torrent and global connections to 20 and 20*NUMBER OF TORRENTS is all you really need for downloading if you run alot simultaneously. If you don't you can scale the number of torrents back and increase per torrent to keep the peer load relatively constant. If you plan on doing certain time blocks for uploading (seed only) you may want to increase the number as for a 5Mbit upload you can support up to 250 slow peers and 50 or less fast ones. It's all depending upon how you want to use your uT.

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