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Download Speed Up and Down


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First of all, sorry my bad english... still learning...

My speedtest : 60kB/15kB

So i set my UP for 10kB

Port forwarding ok

Encryption On

Global Number of connections: 80 (speedguide)

Connections per torrent: 55 (speedguide)

Everything was ok, until some day i notice my down speed goes up and down only in torrent.

thought was bad connection: My Https downs is ok (~60kB)

Thought was ISP TS: Test with slackware torrents ~60kB

Thought was bad torrents, but all bad?


Im downloading now a 900MB file:

After 5 minutes: 35 seeds, 15 peers = 20kB

After 10 minutes: 22 seeds, 15 peers = 58kB

After 15 minutes: 22 seeds, 14 peers = 32kB

Any idea?

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If you're only uploading at 10 KB/sec, then it would be unusual to get more than 20 KB/sec download speeds on "ordinary" torrents...and then often only in bursts.

While you're downloading faster than you're uploading, someone else isn't...and that has to balance overall.

Seeds are the most extreme form, all upload...but they're often running multiple torrents at once as well as have multiple upload slots PER torrent, so your cut of their total upload speed can be small indeed!

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