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Command Line torrent creation.


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I've seen a topic about torrent batch creation impossibility, but another question - is it possible to add a utorrent command line options for torrent creation?

Smth like:

utorrent.exe -createtorrent File.avi torrents\File.avi.torrent -startseeding

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You'd probably need a few more command line parameters - one for every required field in the Create Torrent screen like (Announce, piece size, etc). Of course, there could be some defaults like last used tracker, auto piece size, etc.

What I found from the little research I did mostly point to Linux based systems.

rTorrent can do what you want.

CreateTorrent has a utility but also Linux based: http://www.createtorrent.com/

Azureus says they have a ConsoleUI: http://azureuswiki.com/index.php/Console_UI

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