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The way to run U torrent on Mac Os X!


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Ok i want to share some ideas how to run u torrent on mac computers.

First of all you need Intel based computer, second i suggest you to have MAC OS X 10.4 ore later.

First and easiest way Windows simulation:

You need CrossOver, the official page is here: http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxmac/

However if you not new, you can find it for free just serach for " CrossOver 6.2.1" (you know where).

The second way is hardest:

The way is to install windows on mac by creating second partition and installing windows.

That you need:

"Boot camp" the tool that will be used to create partition and drivers.

Windows dick: Win Xp, Win XP sp2, Win Vista, Win Vista sp1. you will find more info about installation and type of windows here: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303572

If you want to install windows on mac when i suggest you to search by yourself more about it.


I recommend you second way if you not only going to useu torrent, but if you will only use u torrent when just install crossover.

Well hope i helped.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

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NoOneButMe outlines the instructions in very simple terms. In fact, it's only ONE step to install Wine and µTorrent -- the rest of the steps simply outline workarounds to problems. BootCamp+Windows is not simpler to install than Darwine+µTorrent.

Darwine is free -- CrossOver is not. The Darwine installer is simple, so it's no use saying that the CrossOver installer is any simpler when the Darwine installer does everything for you already.

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Have you read this? Or did you go "to long didn't read" and ignore everything? Because Darwine involves clicking next a bunch of times and then double clicking on utorrent.exe.

Darwine is free software under the LGPL. Crossover is not. You need to pay for a license of Crossover. Likewise to use Boot Camp, you need to pay for a license of Windows. We don't want to suggest to someone that they should be illegally download anything. Thats not the point of these forums.

The only "hard" part about Darwine is realizing that it's a newer version of Crossover based on more recent versions of Wine's sources that is free. So things work better in Darwine than in Crossover.

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Indeed, I did misread your post and thought that you said the BootCamp method was the second best method. In the end, though, Darwine isn't difficult to install/use -- probably no more difficult than CrossOver.

CrossOver is based on Wine. Darwine is also based on Wine. Darwine more updated than CrossOver, which means the more recent usability fixes make their way into Darwine more frequently than they do into CrossOver (and many bugs in running µTorrent under Wine or some Wine derivative have been fixed very recently anyhow).

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