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All Past Downloads Still Listed - Is That Okay?


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Say 500 days for a year and half, that gives an average of 8 downloads a day. Large downloads? CD size? Or just small things?

And if you go days without then you must run something like 8 or 10 at a time when you do download.

I'm on a 512kbs down connection and I've had speeds as good as >40kBs which is satisfactory - and establishes that my configuration is okay. Or was.

Recently I've been getting stuff like 0.1kBs and a max of say 10kBs and I've put that down to my selection of Torrents.

I've picked torrents with too many peers, not enough seeds, or seeds that only upload to me at very slow speeds.

After reading extensively and following all the advice I can only think I've got my configuration as good as can be but I'm still down at those speeds. So I've been thinking okay, it's my fault, the files I've chosen to download.

I'm not downloading 8 or 10 at a time. I'm downloading only one.

But at those speeds it takes days - utorrent switched off, computer switched off, for part of the days but repeatedly coming back to it and trying again - leaving it on all night for instance. Still takes days.

So why I tell you all this is because you make me think maybe I'm wrong. Because surely you would find the same thing if that's the way it works. When you're choosing 8 or ten at a time you'd be sure to pick some 'bad' torrents, surely? But you sound like it's all no trouble.

What do you think, off the top of your head, my choice of torrents is my problem or that's not a good enough explanation?

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Thanks for your suggestions. I will try them out.

Meanwhile, what about my local area network - i.e. in our home here. Four computers connected via an 8 port switch which then goes through an adsl router to the web.

I keep setting up my computer for utorrent with speed parameters as though it is the only computer and has all that bandwidth available to it.

But actually the other computers are sometimes switched on and engaged in trafficking to and fro on the web. They are not downloading heavily, they are not using utorrent, but they are using the web.

And during those nights when I leave the computer switched on for the sake of a slow download it is the only computer switched on and has all the bandwidth to itself. And I notice no improvement.

So it seems it doesn't much matter. But I bring the fact to your attention in case it does matter and you have something to say about it.




the current slow download hasn't reached speeds better than 17kBs and usually is at about 2kBs - but the upload, limited to 9kBs frequently runs at just that for long periods of time. Is this some kind of conclusive proof that the problem lies with my seeds?

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Proof would be running either openoffice or slackware to gauge downloading while you also run a seeding torrent connected to peers... at least that's the best scenario in my mind. It just sounds like you've got a slow connection. Indeed .5Mbit down is 64KiBps theoretical peak speed. Of which you may get out 55 if you're lucky.

Did you try the suggestions in Ultima's How-To? Forced Encryption may help, as may keeping out non-encrypted peers, or lowering the peers uT tries to connect to :(

In instances like this you have to just try more settings to see if you can get it working like before.

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