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can't download anything!HELP PLEASE


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this is my 1st time using any torrent site.

i downloaded utorrent and found files that i wanted

they are on my utorrent page with a red arrow next to them.

should this arrow be red?

how long does it take to download a file?

should i just leave my computer on until the file has downloaded?

HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Additionally if your Availability * 100 = your download % then there is no more available in the peers you're connected to and you will need to wait for a peer with more/different data. If this is the case for a few days then you should try looking for a different source of the content, or let it go indefinitely (Setting to forced-start mode allows it to not take up a queue slot)... unless you're the one uploading to everyone else in which case you may want to limit the upload some so it doesn't take a sizeable chunk of your upload.

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