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Seeding, but friends can't download


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Did they start it? Are they getting any errors? Are you forwarded correctly allowing incoming peers?

Did you include a working tracker? Are you using DHT? If your friends right click in the Peers tab and add peer and include your IP:PORT information does it connect?

You really didn't give enough information.

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got it working and i think i know why, but you obv know a lot more, and can tell me if this makes sense.

basically all i did was change the upload/download from unlimited to a specific speed and it started working


thanks again and sorry for the bump

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so it works for one kid, but not the other....wtf


to sum this up, it comes down to this:

i made a torrent and sent it to 2 ppl. wouldnt work for both, but randomly started to d/l for one of them who lives in the same suite as me (at a university) but the other cant d/l it while he can d/l other torrents just fine...he lives somewhere else off campus

i am clueless.

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