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dear all ,

i download utorrent , but thier is a probleam of the search icon on the window .

i have vista home when i try to put the movie film name on the search icon its give many option like spytorrent ot moniva .

idon't know what i have to do .

please help my to solution this problem .

with my best regards

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The search widget isn't completely intuitive, it relies on keyboard input.. you press Enter. In 1.8 you can click on the button as there's a separate function for left and right-click as well as a separator for bringing up the search engine list.

You can add to them from the Ctrl-P -> Advanced -> UI options pane.

If you don't get any response from the search bar though it sounds like your default internet browser is not defined. It should be under Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs Set Programs Access and Defaults (I'm not sure the wording in Vista).

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