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Existing File Prompt


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This pop-up ONLY appears if you use a separate Downloads and Completed folder and you add a torrent (which by default would start downloading in the downloads folder) of which the files already exist in the completed folder.

Now read that pop-up text again and you'll understand the question.

I think it is unwise to make a default action for this because every time when this happens it depends on the circumstances what you want to do.

* You could have forgotten you already downloaded this and you want to skip it.

* You want to re-seed.

* It might be a different file (or directory) with the same name (always a risk but for some people their Completed folder is the final destination of all their downloads and the thus the chances of accidental duplicate file/foldernames increases)

Tip: If you want to quickly re-seed a lot of torrents without this pop-up I suggest you change your Downloads folder to the path of your regular Completed folder. Start all the Torrents (there won't be a pop-ups now). And change the Downloads folder back to your regular one.

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