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isoHunt is Sick


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Hi all,

keep getting the message:

" isoHunt is Sick


Everyone wants a piece of isoHunt. Ya, all the good torrents you can get. Do a search and all the torrents are neatly presented with cute little dropdown details in an animated, expanding box. But does anyone care about our feelings? Ever since me and my brothers are born in Chinese factories, we've done nothing but to slice and dice your search requests, look them up in databases and indexes, and spit out pretty HTML pages. It's a boring and thankless job. Your relentless search queries have overworked us and now Bob is sick. He won't cough up data anymore, I'm not sure why. I'm sure the engineers are on their way to fix him up, but won't you stop hitting the Refresh button so often? You know, I like the attention that we are getting now, but somehow I think you care more about those pretty HTML pages we normally hand out than about us. Oh well, I suppose that's why we were created, our meaning of life being serving data and cruching numbers. But just remember us once in a while ok? Us magical fairies who finds what you seek?

We should be back in action soon. Until then, I heard the guys at Google does a pretty good job with searching for stuff too (not as good as us, of course). If you are here to search for the meaning of life, the universe and everything however, we'll need a much much larger upgrade to calculate that. You'll have to come back in at least a few million years and try again.


Your faithful web serving minions.

What does it mean?

Is it a real message, or some kind of a bug?



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