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OT: I haven't been seeing any JS crash w/FF...But then I am running version 6 update 6 of SunJava too so something may be different.. Don't know.. Oh yeah and I have some custom stuff too I have done with FF ..

On the HEX conversions I believe so.. The handiest little extension I found and use for it is called FireCal for Firefox... You can plug in a color of any type.. some I have never even heard of or used before...and convert it to anything... Like you type in 000000 and indicate which type 'HEX' in this case and then hit calculate and you get like 20 different results including PMS color numbers. Cool little extension...Also if you want to match an exact color on your screen of from any application and cant reference the exact one....there is a tiny little program called CatchColor.. You can hover over anything and get a color number...its Freeware too.

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anyone have a working link for the files in the first post? I'm getting this error from mediafire:

The quickkey you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.
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I dunno, all the OP pics and links are dead. Here's my archive inconsistencyrw5.th.png

File's 342 KiB, includes 5 backups I made of the Dark Theme, I'm not sure if all of them work, but they all should I'm pretty sure I made copies before I mucked with them. Actually I don't think I have any of the more-most-recent darkindex.html stuff but it should all work OOB.

NB: You need to unpack the jpg. Use your unarchival tool (7zip, Rar, etc... Note I don't think WinZip handles rar-type content). My shell associations pop-up with a "unpack here", "unpack to \My_filename\", etc.

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