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So i just startet utorrent after holidays yesterday, and for the first 1 minute all worked fine (download speed -> 100kB/s).. after this minute the speed breaked down on 0.1kB/s, and don't go over 1kB/s again. Today I started my Computer and the same happened again, after 1 minute --> download speed > 1kB/s.. and new-start of utorrent and/or pc don't worked. and yes i'm sure to got the right speed options.

technical informations:

Vista (-.-)

uTorrent 1.7.7

NO bitdefender or an other FW except the standart firewall from windows vista.

So what to do now? i just don't want to wait three weeks for 3% of a torrent oÔ..

hope u can help me, all FAQ's and threads I found were "slow" download speeds with 20kB/s, I would be glad if I got such speeds. Then the 3% were in 30 Minutes done -.-!!



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just utorrent doesn't download anymore. the peer's are still connected (got (72/440)! if I understand you'r last question right:

yes, the most got 97% as I do, but not all!

I did the encryption now but it doesnt seem to solve the problem.. (i'm trying to re-start computer and utorrent now ^^)

sorry for my bad english ^^..

and thanks for the help


doesnt worked really good

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jewel got banned and I'm not entirely sure why :(. I'll try to help, first, make sure your µT is configured correctly according to the guide. Second, I want you to try a http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ torrent, those torrents have a healthy swarm. If it doesn't download, it could be bad hardware, or more likely, a bad ISP. What ISP are you using? What routers/modems are you using? Are you able to browse the web while this occurs?

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@arun: i saw this site earlier, and the problem is, i have the normal WFW, which isn't listed there. I opened the port for utorrent, but i'm not sure if I did it right ^^.


I'm just downloading a new torrent (same game), and there all works fine. Further when the "problem" occurs, I have acces to the internet.

I'll read trough the guide, and changed all my settings, but i'm not sure I did it right. So my girlfriend is here, I will read it again and change my settings this evening (i'm from switzerland, so i got a little changed time than u do) ^^.. evenings means: in 2-3 hours ;).. then i will try to answer your questions about the modem and the ISP too,

which i'm not going to answer now, because the torrent from your link also works fine...

i just startet the torrent new (changed saving folder, copy+paste the old folder to the new saving folder and deleted the torrent). I've opened it up new now, and i got for the last 10 minutes a downloadspeed of 25kB/s.. not really fast, but i would be really glad if it would stay that way for the next hour ^^..

greetings tschief

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