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0.1k dl, 0.1k u/l, green light, norouter/fw and i read all faqs.


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.1k upload and download speeds... I'm so frustrated..

My status light in uT is green.

I am trying to download multiple linux distros, so I can test multiple sites. I am using the sites listed in the FAQs.

My firewall is disabled, my router is disconnected and I'm directly connected to the cable modem. I'm not behind a NAT, and my port is open.

net.max_halfopen - I have tried 8 and 4.

Windows Vista

max connections global is 200. Tried 600, didn't work. Tried 20, didn't either.

ISP: Sprint ADSS


Feb 20, 2008 ... Sprint does not enforce any kind of cap or bandwidth limitations. The most they do is block a few ports (80, for example) to prevent using ...

I try different ports so I don't think this is the case either.

I have tried DHT enabled and disabled, doesn't seem to affect it.

I've tried disabling and enabling protocol encryption. No changes.

uT build 1.7.7 8179



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I've tried disabling windows firewall, and I've tried leaving the firewall on with the uTorrent exception.

I recently had a pretty intense virus, so I reformatted my desktop and went from XP to Vista during the format. But my laptop had Vista on it the whole time and had no problems. After I reformatted I added Symantec virus/firewall to the desktop and McAffee to the laptop. This is close to the time torrent applications and IRC both stopped working, but turning off these programs doesn't help. Could these programs have affected my network configs in Vista itself - even after being disabled or uninstalled?

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Im having the same problem as yakimandu except that my uploads are running as fast as normal but my download speeds wont pas 0.5 kb/s. Ive been using uTorrent for over a year and haven't had any problems till now. Ports are all forwarded and firewall is disable. Anyone know whats wrong?

* I should probably also say that everything else on my comp is running 100% fine.

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A LOT of software now auto-updates on a regular (daily/weekly/monthly) basis, so the computer you have now is not exactly the same as just a month ago...even though you personally may have changed nothing!

For instance, Kaspersky software recently had a bad update that thoroughly trashed uTorrent and numerous other network-using apps due to bugs in their update.

Currently, we know nothing about what ISP you're on, what speeds you actually GET from your internet line, what settings you're trying to use in uTorrent, what firewall/network setup you got, what the availability is on the torrent/s you're after, how many seeds/peers are on the torrent and how many you're connected to, or how much % complete of those torrents you have. ANY of that could prove critically important to solving your problem. :(

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Nope, it was my ISP. They called me a week later to let me know they blocked a lot of services, to include ICQ, IRC, and yahoo is acting weird now too. What angers me most is IRC, I have friends on there from the last 15 years. And I really can't do much about it because I live on a military installation. The land-phone lines are from the same company, Sprint, and they cost 70 bucks a month (jebus!) so I guess reverting to dialup is out. I can't mount a dish on the building I live in... I know this is off topic and I'm sorry, but if anyone knows an alternative ISP such as a Wireless ISP or something that supplies to SW Louisiana please let me know.

I was wondering why I was getting port scans lately...

Oh and here is there wonderful policy on use that I found today.


I guess I failed part 8, because when they called me they said I had surpassed the 5GB a month limit. My website is allowed 30GB a month, and I pay $150 for THREE YEARS on it. Maybe I should Better Business Bureau Sprint or something, not that it would go anywhere.

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8.0 Bandwidth/Network Traffic and Other Limitations

You must comply with the current bandwidth/network traffic, data storage and other limitations on the Services.

Users must ensure that their activity does not improperly restrict, inhibit or degrade any other customer's use of the Services, nor represent (in the sole judgment of ADSS) an unusually large burden on the network itself. The guidelines for Bandwidth/Network Traffic Usage/month for each service package are the following: Residential – totaling 5 Gigabytes, or 3 Gigabytes download/2 Gigabytes upload; Home Office – totaling 15 Gigabytes, or 10 Gigabytes download/5 Gigabytes upload; Small Office – totaling 25 Gigabytes, or 18 Gigabytes download/7 Gigabytes upload; Professional Office – totaling 60 Gigabytes, or 40 Gigabytes download/20 Gigabyte upload. Users exceeding the Bandwidth/Network Traffic amounts specified for their Service Package may be charged $10.00 for each Gigabyte used in excess of their specified amount. In addition, users must ensure that their activity does not improperly restrict, disrupt, inhibit, degrade or impede ADSS's ability to deliver the Services and monitor the Services, backbone, network nodes, and/or other network services.

Customers may not resell, share, or otherwise distribute the Services or any portion thereof to any third party without the written consent of ADSS. For example, you cannot provide Internet access to others through a dial up connection, host shell accounts over the Internet, provide email or news service, or send a news feed unless express permission is granted by the customer agreement.

You may not provide network services to others via the ADSS.

You'd think the government would avoid pork barrel spending when talking about internet access >< You may be able to get out of your $10/GB overage saying I used up my quota in the first 10 days from youtube or another streaming service you use. You should be aware youtube 1 hour a day every day will easily surpass that puny quota.

Given you found this out... I surely hope you are limiting your connection settings more (more connections and more half-open increases "churn" aka wasted bandwidth) AND you disable DHT except in certain torrents (i.e. you leave it disabled globally, disable on all new torrents, and only enable the torrent when you need it and then turn it on globally from the status bar temporarily for you to get the peers to start the download then turn it off globally again. DHT alone uses 6 GiB / mo.

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