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WRT54GS Question, yes I read the sticky


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Okay, well yes I read the sticky, but both of the firmware sites arent no longer working, ive been using this router for 8 months and havent had ONE problem at all except the past week. I was just wondering if this is just with the newer versions of utorrent or is because I have a different version of the router and that there is another problem occurring.

Just trying to get this solved, after I figure out which version I have, if its this problem, even though it just started occurring, then where are instructions and download link for the firmwares since the ones in the other post do not work.


I have version 7, and just upgraded to the newest firmware, 7.50.5, still did not fix this problem.


Okay, for the most part it seemed to be Nod32 that was causing the problems, but it still seems that im not browsing at what I should be, I have utorrent capped where I have 110kb/s (+/- 20kb) download and 30kb/s upload still availible. Any suggestions that im not thinking of, I have max 200 connections, and 50 per torrent, ive had it much higher in the past. I download on average of 620kb/s and upload at 50kb/s.

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I think Switeck means in your area. The reverse happened in my area 18 months ago. Comcrap left and slowrunner took over. :( I went from being interrupted to being shaped, lol.

Try reducing the load even more. Truthfully @ those speeds you may need 50 conn per torrent, try 50 total and 20 per torrent... and to make it less of a peer variabilty, try http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ to download while only uploading on ONE torrent. The multiple seeds are on fast lines, and will give you the least interaction. This should make it easier to troubleshoot whether you need to lower your upload limit also.

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