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Strange disconnection problem


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i have uTorrent 1.7.7 (build 8179). i use windows xp with sp2. dlink dsl 2640t router,

my isp provides always ON connection.

my connection speed suddenly drops after every 10-15 minutes both ul and dl becomes 0.1 kB/s etc. but peers are still connected and status is also green circle.my surfing speed also drops and browser shows typical page not found.

then i need to disable and re-enable my local area connection from tray icon and everythings back to normal including uTorrent speeds.

i don't think it's ISP's problem and neither problem of my router, because before using uTorrent such abrrupt disconnection was not there at all.

i patched my tcpip.sys file still no use.

and kept all settings less than threshold.

i also have my port forwarded and kept ip address fixed even though my isp supports dynamic ip but problem persists.

please help.


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i have d-link dsl 2640t broadband modem/router connected to pc using lan port (RJ-45).

normally i get stable connection but sometimes while downloading from torrents using utorrent both the download and upload speeds drops suddenly to 0.0KB/s and stays there until i manually disable and reenable the local area connection from tray icon.

when speed drops none of the site can open but ADSL light on modem is still lit means it is not problem from isp.

i think there is problem with some settings in LAN.

because at the same time when speed drops to 0.0KB/s i checked modem by connecting to laptop using wireless connection then that was working fine.

please help because i constantly need to monitor for speed drop and need to do disable and enable local area network tray icon to get back to normal which is frustrating.

waiting for positive reply.


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