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All and Active views for the trackers pane


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Here's another suggestion for my favorite new feature, the trackers pane/tab/window.

Currently, the trackers pane shows only the trackers to which µTorrent is connecting, or attempting to connect. I'll call this the ACTIVE TRACKERS view.

However, with multitracker torrents, this leaves out a lot of info, and you have to go to the torrent properties to see the entire list, and piece together what is available and what's being used.

The ideal situation would be if the tracker list in the torrent properties/general tab was echoed in the trackers pane. So, you would see the entire list of trackers, and (in a multi-tracker torrent) there would be spaces between groups of like trackers. Only one difference is needed between the properties list and the tracker pane views: in the pane view, the currently active tracker in each group would be highlighted, or have an indicating flag in a new column.

This would be the ALL TRACKERS view.



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