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What settings to go along with large (800MB) cache?


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I've set a cache size of 800MB, and would like to know what other settings I should do to make the best use of these. It seems like increasing the amount of time before writing out finished blocks would be beneficial, but I can't find how to do that. After reading the FAQ, I've set my disk preferences to:

Override cache size - checked (800MB)

Reduce memory usage when cache not needed - checked

Enable caching of disk writes - checked

Write out untouched - unchecked

Write out finished immediately - unchecked

Enable cache of disk reads - checked

Turn off read caching if u/l is slow - checked

Remove old blocks from cache - unchecked

Increase automatic cache size when thrashing - checked

Disable windows caching of disk writes - checked

Disable windows caching of disk reads - unchecked

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What are you trying to accomplish? Those settings are fine, but you test yourself by using Speed tab -> Disk Statistics view. If you're uploading less than 1Mbit / sec you will not see anything for read cacheing, and I doubt you'll need 800 MiB of write cache, ;)

The two changes you made to writes means (untouched) blocks which are incomplete and inactive will not be written to disk after two minutes, meaning they will still stay in the cache... and (finished) pieces will be dumped to disk every 20 seconds. Some people use read cache and large cache size to load the full file they plan to upload (helpful for 100Mbit symmetric pipes) into RAM.

Can I ask what OS you're running?

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That's why I went to all the trouble to get torrents working again on my school's network. :) 1.5 MB is a nice increase compared to 50kB.

Cache is varying from 35 to 50MB, but pretty constant around 42MB. I'll have to wait until I find another file I want to see how the cache looks under heavy d/l'ing.

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