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problems when sharing seeding downloads over a network share


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This is my setup:

-my computer (Vista Ultimate SP1) + my server (XP home sp2) connected to a gigabit hub

-hub connected to my router

-server running uTorrent V1.7.7

-uTorrent configured to get new torrents from \\server\newtorrents

-also set to move completed downloads to \\server\downloads

gets new torrents from the share fine, but once they are completed, i get 'access denied' errors when trying to get into the folder where the download is inside \\server\downloads

ie \\server\downloads\my_perfectly_legal_torrent_name\ -> 'access denied'

sometimes can fix this by removing the torrent from the seeding list, but not always


thanks guys

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> completed downloads to \\server\downloads

Are you saying you can't get into "\\server\downloads\my_perfectly_legal_torrent_name\" from your Vista computer? Are trying to just read the contents of that folder, or actually moving files away from the server to your Vista computer? Do you have permission to access that folder on the server?

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I don't know... it's mentioned http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=39360

As well as the other threads ... If this is definitely a problem in 1.7, it would be useful to know which cases work and which don't. For instance, do mapped shares work? Or is it only when you're trying to use the raw UNC... If this is a new problem, aka a regression, it would be useful to know when this happened.

Also verifying this isn't a problem with 1.8 would also be useful.

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