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Damnit, this is making me so mad!


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I hate this. My ISP is Rogers(canadian ISP that slows down BT and p2p by ALOT) and I've been getting REALLY slow speeds!

I have 17 seeds and i'm only getting 20 - 40kbpsmax! the maximum I ever got was about 170kbps, but it only stays like that for a second or two and it always keeps varying from like 130 - 170(this is only when I have a really good torrent)

I don't want to wait 18 hours to download a 2gig file. Someone please help!

P.S I enabled my protocol encryption and checked the "allow incoming legacy connections" box. I also unticked the "limit local peer bandwith" box if that helps.

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Rogers and now Bell are causing havoc in this regard http://www.thestar.com/sciencetech/article/407730

You will likely need to restrict your connections even more (20 or 30 max per torrent with 1 torrent to start, and I think reports say 2 max. works)... Also it would be wise to disable DHT globally and only enable it when you need to (i.e. cannot get peers from a broken tracker)... The updates while low-bandwidth and infrequent are I think the most obvious traffic aside from the announces clients make, which is what these countermeasures ISPs buy look for.

Its about smart settings, and you learn alot about your connection in the process :D

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Rogers is an oddball ISP in terms of how they throttle...your encrypted connections may in fact do WORSE than unencrypted connections!

So do try with incoming legacy connections checked...and then with outgoing encryption enabled but not forced...then test both in and out allowing non-encrypted connections.

DHT, Local Peer Discovery, Resolve IPs, and possibly even UPnP probably need to be disabled to leave less for Rogers blocking methods to catch.

You almost certainly need to not be firewalled in uTorrent.

Fewer total connections help too, and half open rates need to be low as well -- as 1 criteria ISPs use to detect file-sharing is lots of new connections being made.

Once you've made a few connections (maybe 10-30), you could even temporarily set half open connection rate in uTorrent to 0. You'll still be accepting new incoming connections -- you just won't be making any new outgoing ones till you raise the half open rate above 0 again.

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