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LAN transfers are EXTREMELY slow


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Transfers using utorrent over my GB lan are capped at ~400kB. Thre was a similar issue here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=2459.

What could be limiting the transfer speeds?

network is:

client -> hub -> client

all are gigabit enabled.

Initial seeding is turned off.

Any ideas?


Thought this might help:



Just noticed the sticky regarding speed problems...

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Stupid question... how do you tell a hub is GigE? Back in the day there were lights for when it was working in 100BaseT mode :P

I'd start by testing the drive itself can transfer at those speeds... setup a second uT on one machine, bind it to a different port, load the same torrent, and seed on one to the other port. Start with localhost ( then move to the LAN IP. If both sides perform that test OK.... isolate the hub. If you know how to make or have on hand a crossover cable, great. If not, use another device with multiple ports, repeater, switch, router... doesn't matter.

As far as UPnP/NAT-PMP both of those are for auto-detecting your devices on the LAN for which you may need to forward ports. It's unnecessary in a LAN environment. Regarding the picture, what changed for it to go stagnant and flat to the sine wave @ 700 KiBps?

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Truth is, I'm only kind of sure that the hub is gigabit... That's what my friend told me when he gave it to me, but even if it was 100baseT, I would think the speed would be HDD limited.

I'm not aware how to open a second instance of utorrent. clicking on the link or the .exe brings up the instance that I already have running. However HD Tune benches my HDD's sustained transfer speed at 40MBps.

I don't have a crossover available to rule out the hub, but transferring files over explorer results in at least 10Mbps when going through the hub.

And for the picture, I didn't do anything to make the speed increase. It had been sitting at ~400 for a while, then went to ~700 and ~900, then dropped to ~200 for about 10 minutes, and is now back at ~500

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