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Upload speeds?


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Hi there, im new to uTorrent, was using bitlord up until about 2 days ago, but as its a banned client on many private trackers I decided to swap to uTorrent, but so far not so good. my download speeds are OK, (not as good as they were) but my upload speeds dont break .09kB/s when seeding, and didnt even start when I was downloading.Any ideas?

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Hostile ISP?

Really bad settings in uTorrent?

Software firewall causing uTorrent problems?

Really, there's a whole list of things that can cause your problems. :(

...We'll need more information to narrow down which one/s are most likely.

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Your computer may be messed up now due to viruses/trojans, bad network-related settings, or bad commercial software. Have you tried a HijackThis! log and Process Explorer?

My suggestions for 256 kilobits/second upload bandwidth is:

22 KB/sec upload speed

3 upload slots

35 connections per torrent

60 total connections

2 active torrents (seeding+downloading torrents active)

1 active downloading torrent

You may need even fewer connections max, disabling of DHT, LPD, UPnP, and Resolve IPs...as well as allowing ONLY encrypted connections to get around possible ISP throttling/disrupting.

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