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RSS not working when using Tor


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I've recently installed Tor+Privoxy and configured uTorrent to work with Tor for tracker communication, and since then I'm having trouble downloading torrents from RSS.

When I try to access the rss feed, i get the feed as if i didn't supplied the correct cookies (that is, without the direct link to the torrent and only to page). If I disable proxy for uTorrent it works.

The problem only exist with rss feeds that use cookies.

The interesting part is that reading that rss through Firefox (also configured to use Tor) does work.

At first I thought that may be privoxy is blocking the cookies somehow, so i disabled most of the actions for that specific domain, but still nothing works.

Is that a known problem? I couldn't find anything about it, but an old post that didn't had answers (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=5018).

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I've got no clue. :/

As far as the un-answered questions, the OP didn't reply after the dev responded. Is the torrent from the feed valid? Are you passing the cookie in the feed URL? What version are you using? You setup the Proxy information in Ctrl-P -> Connection -> Proxy Server right?

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When the proxy is disabled, everything works great (so cookies are configured correctly in the URL).

I'm using version 1.8 beta (build 9704), but I've checked and the problem also present in the latest stable build.

The proxy is configured correctly (localhost:8118), and I'm able to connect to the tracker and download/upload from/to other peers.

I'm trying to figure out if it is a Tor specific problem or uTorrent general proxy handling of rss with cookies (or at least for my setup).

Is there some free http proxy that I can temporary use to check that?

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alus mentioned one in the referenced thread. The only current problem I know with cookies is HTTPS, and as stated in the dev thread for 1.8, the problem is fixed for the next release. Keep in mind it could also be the site's fault... if it doesn't pass things to the proxy for ex: Have you tried multiple feeds from multiple sites?

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I've been able to solve the problem, and I think that it's a bug in uTorrent.

First, to clarify what was my problem:

I'm using an RSS that has an optional parameter "direct" for receiving a direct-link rss.

When using a proxy, the RSS that was being returned from the server didn't link directly to the torrent but to the torrent HTML page, even when the parameter was present.

When disabling the proxy, everything works great

It seems that the problem wasn't with the cookies but with the URL, and specifically with the parameters being pass in the URL.

It seems that the last parameter is either being omitted or changed when using the ":cookie:" notation within uTorrent.

If i entered an extra parameter at the end of the url like "yadayada":

the rss works great again...

But if I remove the cookie notation at all, then there's no need for the extra parameter, and the rss works (though I wouldn't be able to actually download through uTorrent, because cookies are needed for that).

(BTW, I've checked with a regular http proxy, so it's not a Tor/Privoxy problem)

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I'm having the same problem.

The GET request for the RSS feed contains an extra ":cookie:.*" in the URL and the server just returns a 404. The cookie header is set correctly but the URL is malformed, it's a bug. Btw, I'm using a proxy for tracker connection... it might be related

uTorrent 1.8 Beta / build 9704


uTorrent shouldn't try to fetch the RSS from http://sometorrentsite.com/rss.php:COOKIE:uid=1234;pass=asdjh12378912y3lkj it should strip the last part and use the cookie only in another header.

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