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Speed Guide Checks Wrong port.

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I'm using uTorrent 1.61 w/ UPnP port mapping set to port 5xxxx5 non randomized.

When I use the Speed Guide to check to see if the port is open, it checks on port

5xxxx6. ?????

The indicator is green with the message "network OK, your network connection is working like it should".

Downloading has always worked fine, but I don't think I'm getting as many incoming requests connected as I should which is limiting my uploads.

I had been having problems connecting with certain tracking sites and someone suggested stopping all torrents, exiting uTorrent, restarting and starting each file 1 by 1.

This helped me to show connected to those sites but I still don't think people are able to connect as well as they should.

I have not been able to get port forwarding to work which is why I'm using UPnP.

What else do I need to check and correct?

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Upgrade to 1.7.7. Old versions aren't supported here.

If you are incorrectly closing or uT crashes it's possible the mapping is not being un-set (or it could be a bug which was fixed later). This would explain the 50006 mapping... Note that the UPnP mapping has improved dramatically in 1.7 and 1.8.

I know some people are able to add/edit/delete rules with the devices uT interfaces with through the XP mappings with http://www.codeproject.com/KB/IP/PortForward.aspx

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I'm not able to get the tool to work.

"If PortForward is unable to retrieve device information, then it's probable that UPnP is not enabled somewhere, or that your OS or router is not UPnP-capable. Instead of displaying the model name of your router, PortForward will display "<name not found>". You will need to check for UPnP capability and whether it's enabled."

I'm using XP Pro. UPnP shows "Automatic" under services. My Router is a Dynex DX-E401 with UPnP enabled .

If I use a randomized port # it checks as open for a while after uTorrent is started and then later it shows closed. The connection indicator will still show green.

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