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REMoD is back!


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So I guess this forum's "double post" rule is meant to keep the forum uncluttered. Failure! I happened to be the last user to post to a thread I started several months ago. I've had the same problem arise, so instead of starting a new thread, I thought I'd add to my original thread and bump it to the top. Error: Double posting is not allowed. What? Did I hit "submit" twice or something? I had to search the forum for "double post" to even understand the error message! You can't post twice in a row?!?

Anyway, I thought I'd say that the rule was silly and possibly counter-productive. I've NEVER seen a forum operate like this.

In any case, back to what I had to start a whole new thread for:

Original thread: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=38460

My new reply:

Alright... the problem is BACK. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a red exclamation mark. I've left uTorrent running for a few weeks without checking it - it's set to download during certain hours. During the past few weeks I've probably restarted the router and the computer a few times (uTorrent starts automatically with Windows). As such, my IP address probably changed, but that would warrant a yellow warning icon - not a Red Exclamation Mark of Death! (REMoD)

Anyway, I've cycled my router, cable modem, restarted my computer, and I'm 100% confident that uTorrent is NOT being blocked by a firewall, and that the correct port is opened for it on my router.

Aside from that, all my stats are the same as they are in my post above.

Any help, fellas?

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Right, so the modem wasn't updated or changed?

If it happened a month to the day are you sure you didn't exceed some AUP/FUP limit? It is 5/8 so if you were industrious it's highly possible for you to go over some quota. There is talk http://valleywag.com/388223/comcast-considering-250gb-monthly-cap-on-downloads of them going the way of TW as far as no-more-unlimited. Sure unspecified shaping is covered under "reasonable" network management now that they stopped (in some areas) injecting packets... you could be in a test area.

OT: the limit proposed is only ~ 1Mbit sustained all day every day all month, which given their "superior" download speeds isn't too far-fetched for "normal" non-filesharing users to exceed.

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I can't say if it happened a month ago to the day - I posted on 4/3 the first time, and I didn't notice that the problem had reemerged until yesterday. I hadn't really opened uTorrent since it fixed itself last time - I had a few dozen torrents queued up and a nighttime downloading schedule. The red icon could have come back the next day for all I know!

I doubt it's some kind of limit as well. Turns out that after two or three torrents had completed, uTorrent had been sitting on two "dead" torrents - they didn't download, and uTorrent never moved on to other torrents that were live. So there's a good chance I haven't downloaded much at all for the better part of a month...

Thanks for the thoughts! If green means that the port is open and yellow means the port is closed... what does red MEAN anyway?

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