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Download Torrent RSS <Invalid Torrent File>


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As I said.. after I got through the portuguese I found http://bt.omda-fansubs.com/rss.php for one of them

The RSS does not link to the download. It links to the details page. Ask them if there are any parameters you need to add.

As you mentioned, mininova.org has "&direct" which you add to their SEARCH or USER rss feeds to get the direct links to torrents.

I can confirm at least for that one you only have the two cookies to contend with... you can download the torrent(s) individually, however you should see if the feed can make direct links (download.php, not details.php)


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Thank you jewelisheaven you helped much


grateful for the support

The OMDA has a link to download RSS http://bt.omda-fansubs.com/rss.php?feed=dl&cat[]=24&cat[]=23&passkey=pass

Everything is now OK :D, thank you

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