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auto refuese 1.7.7 ?- Torrent fails to finish at various percentages


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Dell GX260 / P4 - 2.4ghz/ 533 FSB

Win98SE / 512mb Ram / 320Gb HD /

On board Intel 845G chipset has AGP video / sound/ ATA-IDE / Network/ USB / etc

utorrent 1.7.7

no firewall being used

lowest speed DSL on SBC or ATT

I did a search using:

fails to finish

Edit: Results - File did finish OK after swapping out various trackers.

I apoligize that I did not find this subject in the forum. I'm sure it must be in here

because I've had the problem several times. I'm not very up on all the facets of

utorrent or torrents in general. But I'm learning. Sorry to ask the Q if it's been

answered. I am reading posts which might be my solution. Hopefully this post

will help someone or fill in the hits when someone does a search.

I'm dl'ing a torrent with lots of files and some I don't want. This may or may not

affect my results. If it does maybe you could comment.

eg a torrent has 200 files and I want only 20 of them.

This post has about 3 parts. They're related. One to the current torrent I'm

having problems with. The other parts are similar to this problem.

The problem could be summed up by saying a torrent fails at either about

the same percentage or , as in this case, it fails , I restart, fails at a higher percentage,

I restart, etc. Then I began to remove all the trackers except 1. It fails. I swap in

a different tracker from the original list and restart the torrent. You can

read what I did and what turned out.


The torrent fails at 85.5% or some number close to that. I've defragged and

checked the hard drive. Also there are about 6 trackers. What I did was

omit them all but one and restarted the download over and over.

I'm still working on the 5th or 6th tracker now but figured my question isn't

exactly about that or might help others.

Does utorrent have auto refuse? I understand that this term means that trackers

which have sent xx number of bad blocks are 'auto refused'. That's all the definition

I got so I'm not sure what that means technically.

Here's what I have tried.

turning off DHT

turning off Peer Exchange

When this behavior happens I have found a bit of relief by turning down the seed speed.

What I'm saying is that I think I've seen the torrent fail when it begins to seed at

either a certain speed or after a certain amount of data uploads or something related

to seeding.

Q2 -- Can I turn off seeding with utorrent and would this help problems like this?

Note: I'm all for seeding as much as I can. I'm not stingy at all. But if I'm sending

a bad block what can I do about it?

Odd behaviors:

After many times of trying to download .. perhaps 20 or 30 times over maybe 5

days suddenly the file will just download and complete with no problems.


Can a bad seeder cause this kind of failure and what can be done to find him and

stop it?


When a file fails in this manner it does not always fail at a high percentage. It can

happen at 10%.. I'll restart and eventually it will get to maybe 30% .. I'll restart

again many times and maybe get up to 80%.

What is odd behavior is that if a file fails at the same percentage each time, 84.4% ,

then when I restart it the percentage needed to complete will be about 5% or 10%

less. ie 81.4% or 75.5% for example. Then it will get up to around 84.4% again

, fail, I restart it and it goes on like this until I either succeed or thow away the


Occasionally a file will get to 99.9% and fail. When it's sitting in the failed spot

(depending on my sorting) it will show perhaps 84.4% remaining. Starting it again

it will get to 99.9% and fail. These times I've often simply killed the download

right at 99.9% and kept whatever I have.

What is happening probably?

This post covers many examples of the same type of symptoms. Are they all the

same problem with different but similar symtoms? Or are they possibly totally

different problems?

Thanks a lot. utorrent is low on my list of important programs but the forum and

the program itself are top notch. I wish that more softwares were built the way

utorrent is made.. ie simple, small, tidy, and well supported.



PPS. The file finished to 100% using this tracker


PS.. My file seems to have gotten farther than at any other time and while it's slowed

down considerably near 96.% I 'm more confident that it will work this time.

here's a list of the trackers in the file and here's the one tracker that seems to be the

one in the list (by itself) which has been there while the torrent is finishing fully.


http://tracker4.finalgear.com:80/announce died

http://tpb.tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce died

http://zinebytes.org:80/announce.php died

http://www.hashish.ath.cx:6969/announce died

also set enable DHT OFF dead

http://trackeri2.rarbg.com:80/announce - not tried

http://tracker.prq.to:80/announce -




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