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utorrnet can't generate ~uTorrentPartFile_**********.dat anymore


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my utorrent version is 1.7.7. it work smoothly yesterday. but it have became strange today that UT can't generate ~uTorrentPartFile_**********.dat wherever.

even though download and upload seem to normal, but i still concern that missing those *.dat which seem used to hash would cause the incompletment of download files. is it serious?

re-installation can't help me too. OMG~~~~

pls give me some directions for this case, thx

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Out of disk space comes to mind?

Other than that.. premissions in the folder/file.

If you post on a forum, don't ask for email correspondence. People read forums.... only slightly more than they check their own email, lol. No point putting it in ONE person's mailbox when it can be put on the forum for (maybe more than 1) person to use later.

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