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How to detect a string in torrent file?

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I'm working on a BEncoding class in VB.NET. It works great but actually byte strings are read as byte arrays because there can be stored binary data (files hashes for example).

How can I recognize a text string?

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Dunno if you're still working on this, but here's some pointers for you:

Readable text has a whole range of characters - 0x0A and 0x0D for Line Feed and Carriage Return characters (newlines) and 0x20 (decimal 32) to 0x7E (decimal 126) for printable ASCII characters. So, if you want some code here it is:

Function IsReadableText(data As Byte()) As Boolean
For i As UInt64 = 0 To data.Length - 1
If Not ((data(i) >= 32 And data(i) <= 126) Or data(i) = 10 Or data(i) = 13) Then
Return False
End If
Return True
End Function

It's reasonably good performance too, as the instant a "non-readable" character is found it returns false.

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