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leechers???? seeding???


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i'm new to bit torent files and the different phrases that are being used here.

i think i understand whata leeacher is but i would like to clarify the term so i an not one. is a leacher some one who does not seed files to others? is seeding pretty much sharing? iof some one is seeding are they leeching? or do you need to be uploading files to be a non leecher? i hate people who do not contribute to the copmunity and only take from the comunity. i dont want to be one of them. also i knotice that there is a section for uploading files to. how does this work? are the files uploaded to the site and then distributed from there? ir is the file still on my computer and it is sent out from that point. i have a couple of files i would like to share and need to know how this is done.

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