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how to reseed torrent?


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Is there an easier way to do this with a group of a few dozen separate seeded torrents? (a bulk process of some type).

I just want to move a bulk of seeded stuff to another folder but keep them all seeded.

One at a time is pretty clunky when I have a slew of them to do.

Also, I download from different tracker sites and want to save content from each site in it's own folder on my HD, since each theme is different. It's a better way to organize them.

Is there an easy way to do this?


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You can try using the Bencoder to directly change the resume.dat and change the paths of the torrents.

I recommend stopping all torrents. Close µtorrent. Move the files/folders in question. Make a backup of resume.dat. Edit resume.dat. Start µtorrent and if anything went seriously wrong restore your resume.dat backup (and possibly try again).

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