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1.8 10xxx memory leak


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I don't know which beta build started my new problem.

x64 2003 ENT



1020MB RAM is available for utorrent. I've got about 128MB RAM left. In process explorer, uTorrent only displays its normal RAM usage. But when I close it, my available RAM jumps back to 3.25GB so I know its utorrent.

Also, this is extremely odd... I was in explorer copying files. All of a sudden, the folder I had highlighted was suddenly named the title text of the utorrent window.

I haven't been saving the builds before I upgrade like I normally do... where can I download the beta 1.8 build 9xxx?

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I get the exact same problem and only with Utorrent.

After maybe 2 hours all my mem is "eaten up" and the machine starts to swap to the pagefile. When I then close Utorrent, the memory usage jumps back down to where it was before starting Utorrent.

Running it on Vista Ultimate 64 bit.


6GB mem

PS: Running uTorrent 1.8 Build 11200

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