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Seed when no other seeders?


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Is there a way to seed only when there are no other seeders in swarm?

I dedicate my internet connection for the purpose of keeping good torrents alive.

My problem is that I can't find a way to seed only to the swarms that need more data.

Actually I only want to seed a specific torrent if the availability of a piece is 0 in the swarm.

Currently I have reached a max in the number of possible torrents active and need to know how to setup uTorrent to send only to the needing swarms...

The best feature would be to have the option in the Queue menu...

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I understand if you mean the availability of pieces. (One needs to connect and ask for the piece-list for every peer)

But the seeder-count is already in the client (from tracker and DHT), this number can be used to start seeding if there are no other seeders (or less than X seeders)... this would remove alot of problems when seeding alot of torrents. And would make it easier to keep torrents alive.

I think azureus has this, but azureus uses the memory like a wierdo...

This is starting to become a feature request... the moderator can move this thread if he likes...

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