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The missing trackers


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A few hours ago I started DLing a torrent with many trackers, zero seeders, over 100 peers and 99.9% avaliability (acceptable for an AVI to me).

The trackers - about one dozen, including some big, well known ones - went all 'off line' after some time, although the DL is going on, even without trackers.

The listen port is forwarded correctly (green), DHT finds the peers, etc I wonder what could it be.

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None of the suggestions in the article helped. The only one I couldn't test was direct modem connection, as I've recently changed the modem to a Linksys WAG200G modem/router.

By now, the torrent has finished DL'ing. When it's inactive, the trackers are there. When it starts uploading, trackers disappear, and don't return even when UL drops to zero.

The only way to normalize (without any traffic) is close uT and open it again.

I will pay attention to see if this happens with other torrents.

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halfopen = 8

BTW, uT ver. 1.7.5

I tried many things, inclusive powering off the modem and on again to no avail.

When the trackers are gone from a torrent, I can't even start another, such as the Open Office one (that normally fills up all my 3Mb bandwidth)

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