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Utorrent won't transfer single complete files


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Unfortunately one of my hdd's crashed (the one with utorrent on it) and I had to reconfigure it. Since then (I'm using the 1.8 betas) utorrent won't transfer single files from the folder "unfinished" to "finished". I'll give you an example:

File test1.avi will stay in the folder "unfinished" even after downloading finished but

File test1/test1.avi will be moved to "finished". What did I do wrong?

My configuration


Thanks for your replys

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OS: Vista Sp1 (different drive then where utorrent is located)

Drive: Spinpoint f1 (750gb) NTFS encrypted, enough free space (few hundred gigs).

@Firon, no it's not working for 1.7.7 either and I don't get it, I have exactly the same settings as before my hdd crashed (made screens of them) and now it won't work.

Any suggestions what else I could try?

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