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Unable to connect


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I just got the webui pack, extracted to where settings.dat is and so localhost:port/gui is working fine (logs in and shows the UI).

But when I try to do it via my external IP, it just says unable to connect, the port is forwarded properly, don' run any firewalls (except ones on router, which shouldn't be a problem or should I post the options on here). I have a dynamic IP, but I used that No-IP program and configured it fine.

The alternative port is different than the one from the incoming listening port (and bot hare forwarded). And no typos or anything...

Any ideas?


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I'm having this same issue.

It works fine by, even from other computers on my network, but nothing by Internet.

I have a router but I done the NAT and tested the port and it's open. I disabled the firewall but it didn't helped.

I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate and uTorrent 1.8 beta build 10524, with the latest webui. My router is a D-link DSL 500G, trough I think it only sells here in Brazil. As far as I remember, it worked with this same router on windows XP... I'll test again and post here latter.

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