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Utorrent Freeze and Windowblinds.


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First of all I want to address the fact that Utorrent continually freezes after a few minutes of downloading. I used it on this computer before I went to college and it worked fine, and after having not used it while at school I reinstalled and have been attempting to use it again. My entire system freezes up and I have to hold down the power button until my computer turns off.

I use windows XP. I've heard that windowblinds interferes with utorrent or something...and I had a trial version of it while I was at school for a brief time. I uninstalled, but it left a bunch of crap on my computer, just leftovers. That's another problem entirely, as my login prompt upon starting up still has a skin and my desktop icons are still not back to normal.

So, any solutions to the utorrent problem and does anyone know how to fully eradicate windowblinds and all it's components from my system?

Thanks in advance!


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