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Too much connection slowing internet


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I'm reaching the internet from LAN and my connection is 2048/512. When i am seeding or leeching 10 torrents with 1 to 10 leechers or seeders there is no problem. But when i seed or leech only one torrent which has 50-100 leechers or seeders my internet connection goes down. I tried everything. Down to max half open to 10 or up to 250. Global connection to 200 and then 750. Shortly i tried every combunation. With another torrent client wihich powered by phyton there is no problem but it uses so much memory (near 200 mb). I want to use U-Torrent. What must i do to solve this problem?

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Max half open needs to be probably reduced to more like 4.

Global and Per-torrent max connections may need to be reduced to 60 or less.

upload slots probably needs to be reduced as well...no more than 1 upload slot per every 3+ KiloBYTES/second of upload speed. (So if you're uploading at 30 KiloBYTES/second and you have 10 torrents running at once, you'd have to limit upload slots to only 1 per torrent!)

You may need to disable uTorrent's extra features: no UPnP, DHT, LPD, or Resolve IPs.

The 1st link in my signature basically says the same thing. :)

The 2nd link in my signature is something to compare your uTorrent settings to...although mine are a little more conservative than uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

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