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Question on a particular series' speed problem


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Hi all, a quick question.

for the past two weeks, i've been having trouble with the d/l speed for [WE DON'T CARE], i've never seen them this slow.

the Result show is ok, it's like 5kbps - 10kbps and i'm ok with that as it'll be done in a day.

but it's the 700mb (voting) episodes that are not downloading properly. a 0.4kbps d/l speed is a common and painful sight and it hardly goes above 3kpbs and never above 5kbps (or at least when I'm looking).

it shows i'm connected to approx 50(1500) seeds while the result show is approx 40(1900).

other shows like [WE STILL DON'T CARE] goes up to 50kbps! with lesser seeds!

anyone can enlighten me on this please? Thanks

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Your ISP possibly throttles not only BitTorrent traffic, but also ANY international traffic.

So unless you find an ip near you, you probably won't complete those torrents within a month.

If you're throttled, connecting to MORE peers and seeds just makes things slower!

You instead need to connect to no more than 20 peers/seeds, ALL of which must be encrypted...and you probably need to not allow unencrypted connections in uTorrent.

(This means forced outgoing and NO legacy incoming!)

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Thanks for the input guys. But,

Switeck, i don't know how to go about your suggestion as I'm not that savvy in the IT realm. I don't even know what encrypted peers/seeds is, let alone not allow unencrypted connections.

Ultima, i've tried downloading disc 1 from the site you gave me. after running for about 10mins, the d/l speed is around 30k, with 38(58) and 3(106). this kind of speed is considered good where i'm at. i seldom get up to 50k. (actually, with that file it did go up to 50k.)

I have also followed some instructions on configuring utorrent, and definitely port forwarded.

I also read somewhere that if the number of peers is too great compared to the seeds, the d/l speed may suffer as well, until some of the peers finished downloading. How true is this?

Just a fyi, the "problematic" file was completed yesterday, 5 days after d/l was initiated. new ep will be out soon so we'll see if same problem occurs.

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Switeck, I've done what you've suggested. I dont see any difference with other d/l speeds but the "problematic episode" for this week seems to be at a "normal" speed as after two days it's now 96% complete. especially last night when it went from 30 to 96%. But d/l speed is now back to 2kbps, connected to 23 seeders and 4 peers. (i suppose only 4 peers is due to the NO legacy incoming?)

the only other thing i did differently for this episode was to wait for half a day before i initiated d/l, as oppose to immediately turning on utorrent once the torrent is available for d/l.

not sure if that's relevant.

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"i suppose only 4 peers is due to the NO legacy incoming?"

Quite likely.

You might even want to try reducing global and per-torrent max connections to only 5,10,or 20 for testing...if you're getting throttled really low, just staying connected to 20+ peers+seeds at once is cutting into how much bandwidth you've got for actually uploading and downloading.

Your speeds may also be better if half open max in uTorrent's advanced settings is reduced to 0-4 from the default of 8...at least part of the time. It can't be left at 0 all the time because then uTorrent quits making outgoing connections -- though it will accept incoming ones just fine like that.

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