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U torrent wrecked files


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Hey, I need help as fast as i can get.

I was downloading something through utorrent, and when my file finished downloading, I opened the folder it came in and tried to launch it. After that my computer froze so I restarted it, and then I tried to connect to the internet, i saw that the firefox icon had been replaced by the utorrent icon, and when I tried to launch firefox, utorrent opened itself up and tried to run firefox.

After I messed around, I realised that all the .exe files were being opened by utorrent.

I have deleted utorrent but the programs still wont open normally.

If you are wondering how I am on the internet now, I had to open it by going into Utorrent-Help-Website.

But all my other programs, like iTunes and MSN wont start. Someone please help because I am quite angry and would like to use my computer.

Update: I just finished re-downloading the installer for iTunes and Firefox, but Utorrent is still tying to run the installers.

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Hey thanks mate, I was sort of worried.

I havnt tried it yet, but im pretty confident it will work.


Nah, it dosnt work. I am running Vista and the views and folders are setup different.

It says on the website that you linked me to:

"Scroll down to where .EXE would be in the alphabetical order and make certain .EXE is not there (****if it is, then edit it there by changing the association to Application****)."

How do I do the highlighted (****) when using vista? Hey sorry if its a dumb question..

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