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download limit = upload limit !?


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Hello everyone!

I noticed something strange...when I limit the download speed of a downloading torrent, the upload speed drops radically...

For Ex:

I am downloading a torrent with 1,5 MB/s and uploading with 200k constantly ( no limits whatsoever set).

I want to limit my download speed only to 200k also..but the moment i do that, my upload speed drops to 10-15k and stays there....

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance guys, you are doing a great job!


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Depending upon how many peers you connect with setting a download limit can slowly set a "cap" because you only appear to be downloading at a certain rate from peers uT reciprocates. It's not an unheard of problem, as a search will show... but there's not much to be done except reducing your connection numbers if you're going to do this, and maybe trying to set the limit globally instead of at the torrent level.

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As far as I know, it's a flaw of the internet itself.

TCP/IP, to be exact...requires timely replies from the destination to continue uploading at a set speed. Choking off the destination's reply ability = your upload takes a nosedive.

It is remotely possible that uTorrent could be redesigned to separate the replies from OTHER traffic meant for uTorrent. That's actually a big IF, because uTorrent as far as I know hands off data to the Windows OS and lets the OS figure out how to send/receive using its network handling routines.

Even if that worked ...uTorrent's speed limits would not count the separated reply packets in their total, and potentially anyone running the max speed for their connect may be well over after the changes.

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